Label: Polyvinyl Link: It's always best to take a bands attempt of categorizing their music on myspace with a pinch of salt but not in the case of Tu Fawning. After listening to Secession the words Melodramatic Popular Song / Showtunes / Minimalist seem strangely on the money.  Tu Fawning is the new project of Joe Haege and Corrina Repp, who you may know from their own solo work (31knots & Repp). Comprising of six songs, Secession is a really nice mixture of lo-fi folk with moments of grandeur which make them sound completely different to their own projects.   In terms of reference points the overall sound could be compared to bands like Sunset Rubdown, especially on 'Out Like Bats', but only their earlier work. I do like this EP and it's definitely growing on me with every listen but i still feel that this is just the beginning stages of what they could achieve. Highlight: Diamond In The Forest Rating: 6.9/10