London based Will Daunt first surfaced in 2015, uploading the jittering ‘This Body Rushes’ to SoundCloud. With shimmering guitars and flickering production, it was no surprise that it rapidly racked up thousands of listens. A few years on, and along has come Unbearable Light; DAUNT’s debut EP.

Short and sweet, it’s crammed with bite-sized slices of artfully crafted slow pop, and rich with sweltering synths and funk-infused riffs. Warm production and reverberating melodies make for a charming listen. Intelligent song writing is a consistent theme; with each track being built from elegant chord progressions and killer pop hooks punctuated by the occasional crunching cadence.

DAUNT’s huge range of influences are evident: with the experimentation and jittering production of Glass Animals or Beck being combined with slinky 70s bass lines and shimmering production. Lead single ‘Drive’ is subtly euphoric; with earnest vocals drifting over scattered hip-hop beats. Nostalgic melodies and simple beats slowly burn into the glowing chorus, and unassuming riffs fluidly interweave each of the other instrumental lines. ‘Almost Everything’ is all funk grooves and sprawling guitars, a stark contrast to the blasé nature of ‘Drive’.

Differences in sound aside, whether it’s dressed up with spangled guitar lines and RnB bass lines, or minimally decorated with sparse melancholic production, throughout the EP it’s DAUNT’s sharp writing skills that shine the brightest. Succinct, smart and with an ear for an outrageously catchy hook, Unbearable Light is a glorious offering.