Oakland native Nathan Salman is no stranger to disaster, though if that’s what it takes for him to make an EP as transcendental and gloriously moody as Way Out then I’m all for it. Sorry.

As Waterstrider, the vocalist channels his angelic falsetto into trip-hop infused indie that just about eschews cliché. The title track sees him hopefully searching as he sings: “Time to reset/ Time to reclaim a way out,” and his at times soaring, at others hushed, vocals are delightfully reminiscent of Thom Yorke. The Radiohead man is a clear influence on tracks like ‘Weaker One’, which crackles with energy as it plunges you into its shadowy break beat world.

‘Breed’ is a contemplative whirlpool that traverses through light guitar and the moody billowing fabric of looped keyboard rhythms. Salman’s vocals ache with sincerity on the most stripped down track here. It’s a gem of a track that’s indebted to its influences, but is proudly a product of its owner.

Way Out will be an introduction to Waterstrider for many, and it centres Salman as an incredibly exciting new voice to watch out for. Let this be your way in.