Rewd Adams is a south London based musical all-rounder. MC/rapper, producer, singer; he does it all. Previously known as Skandal, he released his debut Project A, as well as the critically acclaimed DJ MK-hosted/mixed Hunger Pains mixtape in 2010, before switching to his current moniker and collaborating with DJ/producer The Last Skeptik on a number of projects; most noticeably the admirable How Not To Make A Living album released in 2012. The single 'Everything's Ok' earned the pair large crossover attention from the likes of MTV, BBC and The Guardian for its catchy chorus and foot-tapping addictive beat.

Next month, some six years after the release of Hunger Pains, Rewd Adams reunites with DJ MK for the release of Hunger Pains 2 and while the time between the two may seem extreme, it may be for the better. He promises a more refined sound without compromise, but with an overriding theme of love. "The first few projects were very angsty, and may have come across bitter, but I suppose I was just trying to prove something and it came out the wrong way. But this project has a love theme running throughout: for self, for others, for life, for community. I think it's a more mature approach on how I want my music to sound."

The mixtape is streaming on Soundcloud, but a track-by-track version is available to pre-order now on iTunes with a release set for March 23rd.