Ryan Reynolds is fast capturing the comic book actor market. Last seen in X-men Origins: Wolverine playing fanboy favourite Deadpool, the actor has now signed up to star as DC's Green Lantern. Cornering the comic roles and bestriding both Marvel and DC. Oh and he's married to Scarlett Johansson. Makes you sick doesn't it? The Deadpool spin off movie is still on the cards but the announcement has raised a few eyebrows, as both movies will hit our screens in 2011. Green Lantern is arguably the bigger movie, but fans love the Merc with the Mouth. Time will tell, but it's certainly looking like a good year for Reynolds. Hopefully he'll see sense and stop making lame romantic comedies in the meantime. Comic nerds, your cup runneth over. Natalie Portman has been cast in the new Thor movie as love interest Jane Foster. In the original comic, Foster was a nurse who fell in love with Dr Donald Blake, her colleague and Thor's human alter ego. The movie is to be directed by Kenneth Branagh, starring Star Trek's Chris Hemsworth (Kirk's father for the three people who haven't seen JJ Abrams reboot) as the blonde bombshell himself and Tom Hiddleston as his nemesis Loki. Hulk, Iron Man, now Thor. If Hollywood defrosts Captain America soon The Avengers movie is looking one step closer. Some franchises never learn. Last seen in CG form, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could return in full, gut wrenching live action form. You would think that TMNT3 would have been the end of live action turtles, but no. The new movie is part of the franchise's 25th anniversary celebrations. Yes, we're all that old. A casting call has gone out for martial artists to audition for the new movie, scheduled for release in 2011. Take heart, we could be rescued by the mere mention of the words 'motion' and 'capture'. Steven Soderbergh could be making a follow up to The Limey, with Terrance Stamp and Michael Keaton if his lady wife is to be believed. Soderbergh's other half has reportedly revealed that the director had been mulling over a sequel and that Stamp was interested in returning. The 1999 film saw Stamp play a cockney ex-con who heads to LA to investigate the death of his daughter. Bruno has conquered the US box office, taking over $30m in its first weekend. Sacha Baron Cohen's mock documentary outstripped his previous opus Borat's opener and Universal is even going to release a 15 certificate edit of the film in the UK on the 24th July. The studio has said that the new edit has been put together so that younger fans will get the chance to see the film. David Kosse, Universal's international President said: "Both of these versions will allow many more of Bruno’s fans in the UK to enjoy the film.” Whatever happened to the thrill of sneaking into 18 rated movies? What do you think of the Bruno edit? A chance to widen the audience, or watering down comedy to cash in on a character's popularity?