As a part of their Blood Remixed, which released today, Rhye have shared visuals for their remix from Washed Out, 'Softly', which we're pleased to debut.

Speaking on their collaboration for The 405, Washed Out sees it as a lasting desire finally fulfilled, "I’ve been a fan of Rhye for a while now - and I love the really delicate and emotional quality of the music. In fact, that vibe is done so well on the original version of 'Softly' that I decided to mix up my approach to the WO remix of the song - favoring a much more upbeat approach that is a lot more bright and sunny. Hope you like it...

While Remixed boasts a plethora of smooth collaborations, Rhye tapped Washed Out particularly early in the process, explaining, "Washed Out delivered one of the very first mixes for this project months ago. It’s been hard keeping it under wraps, but we’ve been quietly listening to it, growing to love it more and more. We’re happy that this version of 'Softly' is now free to roam the world."

Check out the sensual visuals for the new remix below, and stream the entire album via Spotify.