Rhys Lewis has released his anticipated EP In Between Minds, including touching new track ‘Things You Can’t Change’. It’s a laid-back, love-struck celebration of a partner’s imperfections carried by Rhys’s distinctive baritone. Building over the last few years, Lewis’s discography is now a solid reflection of him as an artist. His songwriting has a sensitive innocence whilst his husky tones carry an emotive weight of one far beyond Rhys’s 27 years.

Speaking on the opening track of the EP, Rhys commented: “We’re simple creatures at heart, I don’t believe we need a lot to be happy, but we live in a complicated world now that seems to make us focus more on the things we don’t have than the things we do. Social media makes people fall into that trap, and I’ve realised how damaging it is. Life just happens, and it’ll pass you by if you let it. So, I’m trying to stay more in the present, to be truly there when the moment’s golden, to make memories I'll reminisce not regret.”

As the thoughtful songwriter moves towards his debut album, this EP consolidates his past work and offer the most rounded, constructed song suite so far from the artist.