For the music industry, the archetype of what is a financially successful record has remained steady and recognizable for decades: gold, platinum, and diamond. The measurements, while slightly augmented over time, have stayed clear; 500,000 sales for gold, one million for platinum, and diamond, the pinnacle of sales marks, an elusive 10 million.

Earlier today the Recording Industry Association of America added a new caveat to the gold, platinum, and diamond statuses – streaming. The decision reportedly was under debate for nearly a year, mostly with the RIAA finding an appropriate equivalent for the value of a single album sale. The organization concluded that 100 streams through various sources, such as Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, and YouTube, among others, were the value equal to one single sale.

The decision to add streams to record sale charts came a short time after Billboard added YouTube streams to its charts in February. The chart addition was only the fifth in RIAA history.

What the change means is that the statuses, which have become increasingly rare in recent years with the decline in annual record sales, is that attaining the prestigious titles have become significantly easier. The RIAA, upon the announcement, distributed 56 new awards, including some to Lana Del Rey and Aerosmith.