The man behind techno imprints Plus 8 and Minus, Richie Hawtin, will be receiving this year's 'Outstanding Contribution to Music' award at the AIM Independent Music Awards, which will be taking place on 2 September in Clerkenwell. The award goes to an individual that has an impressive body of work and continues to innovate and inspire new artists today, which Hawtin has done in spades with his DJ and production work, continuing to do so today with his latest album Ex (his first since 2003).

Nick DeCosemo, editor of dance music magazine MixMag, praised him saying "It's amazing that Richie has been making music, spinning records or running labels since the late 80s. He still remains way ahead of the field today. Much more than just a DJ or producer, he is a true futurist to whom spotting or starting trends in music, art or technology is second nature." Mute Records founder Daniel Miller echoed his statements, adding "as an artist, DJ, curator and label owner, Richie has never failed to be an innovator with the clearest vision and a remarkable ability to realise his ideas with spectacular results."

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