North-American record producer Rick Rubin has been honoured with the Lifetime of Harmony Award from the David Lynch Foundation - an award he received during a ceremony that took place last Thursday in Los Angeles.

"I was going to take a bath before I came," Rubin said by way of introduction, "but we ended up working right up until the time I left." Rick Rubin is known not only by his incredible dedication to music but also to transcendental meditiation; in fact, as Rolling Stone explains, the Lifetime of Harmony Award helps promote transcendental meditation and “teaching TM to at-risk populations” - the reason why Lynch decided to honour Rubin's devotion to TM.

Remaining humble, Rubin didn't even go onstage to receive the award, and had Lynch bringing it to his table in the audience. The ceremony showcased several video tributes from Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer, and System of a Down, and also saw the Dixie Chicks, Damien Rice and Jake Bugg perform.

Source: Best Fit

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