This is the new single from Ricky Eat Acid called 'Context', a song – says Sam Ray (the guy behind the moniker) – that "represents someone or something reaching their hands up to try and touch God and falling short, over and over again."

The bustling and industrious bounce of the track, with bubbling synth, as it builds up and up, are juxtaposed with calmer parts, laden with vocodered vocals and solemn, muffled piano chords, cyclical synth looped around as the beat once again builds up, this time with rap vocals chattering above the slow stamp of a beat, littered with crashing cymbal sounds: it certainly sounds as Mr. Ray says.

Talking about the constant, and essentially pointless, uphill struggle that music faces, he cites Sisyphus, the King of Ephyra who in Greek mythology was condemned to Hades (Hell), divinely compelled to roll a stone up a hill only for it to roll back down when it gets to the top.

I guess most music is Sisyphean in nature. The very act of creating art is Sisyphean in nature. This song is just more overtly so because its entire premise is that creating music or art is Sisyphean in nature. Even the title is kind of in reference to it. I guess it's recursive in that way.

'Context' (and B-side, 'Walking Around a Garden at Night') is out 20th January on Canvasclub.