Josh Jacobson is in transition. Last year he released his lush First Light EP last fall, and recently gave fans a taste of new music with the double A-side singles, 'One You Need' and 'Violet'. He’s been working on a debut album, with which he hopes to showcase his vocals and songwriting more prominently than ever before. As he puts the finishing touches on it, he’s chosen to debut a new mixtape today on the 405. Listen to it below before its official release tomorrow.

“Releasing this collection of songs as a mixtape is a fun way to share the less polished side of what I do -- most of these were created really quickly in an inspired couple hours, either alone or with a close friend. Some of them feel more like little jams than 'songs' and they focus on the instrumental elements, taking listeners to this other place just with sounds. It's a kind of sonic storytelling that I find particularly meaningful, and those sounds are always present in my music but not everyone hears them when the vocals are the focus, so it's nice to take a minute to highlight that side for everyone.” - Josh Jacobson

Listening to WAVE, it’s hard to believe there’s another full-length record on the way from this hard-working producer. Jacobson began his career as an instrumentalist, so he’s always had a keen ear for melody; with this mixtape, his process and progress as an artist are transparent. As Jacobson described, WAVE does go in a different direction from last year’s release, but the grooves that comprise the mixtape still manage to stun.

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