Just a couple of weeks after announcing that the release of his NEON iCON album would be delayed, eccentric rapper, RIFF RAFF, has decided to give country music a try.

"I love country music... I'm good at it and it's a good fit," he told TMZ. And with NEON iCON still floating around in pre-release limbo, and his highly anticipated Action Bronson collab, Galaxy Gladiators, having yet to see the light of day, why not? After all, it seems like a natural transition. Countless artists have pulled off that crossover. There's Kid Rock and ....

But there it is, posted to twitter today: "JODY HiGHROLLER [AKA RIFF RAFF, AKA Horst Simco] WORKiNG ON COUNTRY MUSIC ALBUM" And what might this country music album sound like? Well, Riff Raff has offered up a sample.

Have a listen to the Dame Grease-produced 'Take U Away'. It owes more to the work of Uncle Kracker than anything by guys named Waylon, Willie or Merle. Then again, most of the country music coming out these days is a far cry from anything The Highwaymen would have ever put out.

Source: Pitchfork

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