For those who are familiarSpring Breakers, the film starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashely Benson, and Rachel Korine as four college girls who get into trouble, then the comparisons of James Franco's character to rapper Riff Raff may not be anything new.

Franco's character, a drug and arms dealer called Alien, seems to echo elements of Riff Raff's distinctive image. Franco has gone on the record with MTV that the look was actually inspired by Miami rapper Dangeruss (who appears on the film soundtrack), but Riff Raff doesn't buy it.

In a letter directly to MTV Hive he wrote: “The storyline ain't mine but no one on Earth can deny that James Franco's image and appearance characteristics are Riff Raff all day.”

Riff Raff even cites a recent interview with Dangeruss, in which the rapper says of Franco's character: “You can't really dispute that that's kind of Riff Raff's style.”

Raff finished his letter simply saying, “All I want is credit for his image and I'm confused why a superstar actor with millions of dollars would steal and deny credit from a new upcoming rapper like myself who hasn't even dropped an album yet."

The movie is scheduled for theatrical released March 22nd in the United States. Make the comparison yourself by watching the trailer below.