RiFF RaFF has unveiled another track from his forthcoming album Neon Icon - the Childish Gambino-featured 'Lava Glaciers'.

Seeing as we reviewed the album earlier this week, I'll hand you over to the 405's official thoughts on the track:

"'Lava Glaciers', featuring a great self-referential and zeitgeist-y verse from Childish Gambino, is one of the album's undisputed highlights. Top quality production comes from Harry Fraud (the man behind his incredible collaboration with Action Bronson - 'Bird On A Wire') a floating synth and gentle guitar undulate as Riff Raff delivers a solid verse. The dynamic between Riff Raff and Childish Gambino is interesting for a number of reasons.

For starters Childish Gambino's verse is better than Riff Raff's - hands down. Gambino's voice is a much lower pitch and his flow is a lot more friendly on the ears than Riff Raff. This creates an interesting dynamic considering Gambino's lyrics are better as it makes you realise how powerful a Riff Raff verse can be precisely because you can't ignore his cutting vocal tone and snappy lyrics. Certain voices can wash over you, whereas Riff Raff's blasts you in the face."

Neon Icon is out on June 24th via Mad Decent.