Back in 2013, Rihanna launched (May) and won (July) a court case against Topshop. But then Topshop appealed and… the process got even more protracted. The singer by this point had already spent $1 million on the case – at least a fifth of what she was hoping to get from suing them, a nice little sum of $5 million (around £3.3 million).

You should know by now, probably, that it's all down to a t-shirt with Rihanna's face on it, a shot taken from behind the scenes when she was filiming her 'We Found Love' video. Aside from having your face used without permission, Rihanna was also worried that fans would be duped into thinking that she had endorsed the t-shirt – in the same way that she put her name to a River Island collection, or was recently named as Puma's creative director. You know, like, official stuff.

Anyway, finally Rihanna has won the case. Done. Next time you feel like putting your favourite celebrity on a t-shirt (especially if you're a big, juicy, suable company – mm-mm! Tasty money!) be careful! Funny thing though, it's now confined to the vaults of history, which will probably make people want them more. Maybe? It's not even that good a t-shirt though is it. Hardly a t-shirt anyway. More a top.