Shy, retiring pop singer Rihanna was asked to leave Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque after her photo shoot was deemed as misjudged and 'inappropriate'.

The singer visited the mosque on a private visit but disgruntled officials there by continually using areas not available to visitors, as well as apparently "taking inappropriate pictures, posing in ways that are improper in the context of sacred place" - probably not the wisest thing to do right smack bang in the middle of the United Arab Emirates.

Our RiRi's not exactly a stranger to controversy (or indeed keeping up with cultural progression) though, as her recent travels to illegal sex shows and the rare animal trade over in Thailand earlier this summer prove. Perhaps we'll get her some Lonely planet guides for Christmas to stop her getting into any more trouble.

By the way, you can view a pic below, she looks stunning in the last one but probably flashing your bling in a scared place isn't the wisest of decisions. [via HipHop DX]