Update: According to a rep for Rihanna (via Rolling Stone), 'FourFiveSeconds' will feature on both Rihanna and Kanye West's forthcoming albums. We don't believe that for a second.

Original Story

Remember last week when Kanye West gave a talk at the iHeartMedia Music Summit? And remember how he previewed an "unheard duet with Rihanna, which apparently features a "big, soaring chorus and melody with a massive hook"? Well said song is here, and it's pretty awful.

The track is actually a monster in the collaboration stakes: in addition to Kanye and Rihanna, you've got Paul McCartney playing the horrible acoustic guitar the runs throughout the track, and Ty Dolla $ign, Dallas Austin, Dirty Projectors' Dave Longstreth (and a load more) grabbing credits.

I'm sure fans of each respective artist are hoping this is a standalone single, and nothing more. Stream below (while it's still available), or buy it on iTunes.