Before she's even had a chance to take stock of this year's success, Rihanna's pace refuses to let up as new material has just dropped.

'Diamonds' is the lead single from RiRi's seventh album (In eight years!) and is scheduled for release at some point in November. Her tone is a little warmer compared to her more recent string of hits and thankfully, the slightly dodgy Barbadian accent is nowhere to be found. It's a repetitive and well-constructed builder that employs sleek and less invasive production than we've gotten used to this year, and the melodies are interesting and move around enough to maintain interest. While it may be a "vision of ecstacy" in her own words, it does however lack a little bit of the trademark sass and the hook mastery that 'We Found Love' and 'Where Have You Been' bludgeoned us all around the head with. Check it out here.