Jamaican-born, Cleveland raised R&B stunner, Riki Simmonds isn't looking to make a subtle entrance onto the music scene. In the video for her debut single 'Venting,' (which was filmed in Portland, Jamaica by The Pum Pum Girls, Savannah Baker and Phillipa Price,) she emerges out of the lake like a water goddess. But the first words out of her mouth say it all: "I ain't got no time for this shit. I ain't got no time for these bitches."

Fusing dancehall roots with R&B melodies and rap cadences, RIKI's self-reflective anthem is just the beginning of her "soul rebel" sound we're slated to hear more of on her forthcoming debut project, which is promised in early 2018.

"My sound has a very millennial edge but with an old school soul. The 'Venting' video is a piece of art, there is no story line. The song isn't above love. It's a statement of who I am as an individual and why I'm motivated and determined in my personal life," she said. Listen to 'Venting' below.