London-based Dutch-Zimbabwean artist Rina Mushonga is making powerful strides towards the release of her second album In A Galaxy on February 15th. With the excellent tracks '4qrtrs' and 'Hey Coach' already out in the world, Mushonga is making it a hattrick of brilliance with new song 'For A Fool' - although the inspiration this time is a more subdued one:

“This is an old love song or rather heart-ache song. Old, in the sense that it was plucked into existence over a period of time- in parts fictional in others less so.” Mushonga adds further; “in a way it chronicles a betrayed lover tormented by the desire to trust again whilst acknowledging that everything has been tainted and can’t go back to how they were.”

'For A Fool' maintains Mushonga's bright and peppy style, but with a demure and sighing vocal take from her that signifies the depths of her contemplation. Nevertheless, she still manages to provide a spiralling and prancing vocal that illuminates the imagination, interweaving with the expansive synths for a truly captivating listen.

Rina Mushonga's new album In A Galaxy is out on February 15th through PIAS.