Rina Sawayama is on a high after an excellent couple of years including the release of last year's mini-album and continuous touring of her popping live show. In the meantime she's had the chance to record a couple more anthems; earlier this year we heard 'Valentine' and not long before that was the Shamir collaboration 'Tunnel Vision'. Today she unleashes her most overtly personal track in 'Cherry'.

Speaking more about ‘Cherry’ to Broadly UK, Rina explained “I've always written songs about girls. I don't think I've ever mentioned a guy in my songs, and that's why I wanted to talk about it. For me there's still a lack of representation. I just think the reason why I wasn't so comfortable with my sexuality was because there was no one on TV or anywhere that I could point at and go, "Look mum! This person is what I was talking about!"”

With 'Cherry', Rina has stepped into that role for other young queer or questioning women who might need to look to a guiding light to help them fully understand and accept their feelings. 'Cherry' is a perfect slab of explosive and colourful pop music that is unabashed in its attraction to women - and love for oneself. It takes us back to the day when she was first turned on, and the surge of self discovery that came with it. Rina Sawayama is emphatic and extroverted in the chorus, emblazoning the soon-to-be sing-along chorus across the grandiose production with natural flare. Check it out below.

Rina Sawayama has a string of dates upcoming, including a big homecoming London show in October. Here's the full list:

12/9 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere
13/9 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
14/9 - Chicago, IL - SubT
15/9 - Toronto, ONT - Velvet Underground
18/9 - Los Angeles, CA - Teregram
20/9 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
19/10 - London, UK - Heaven