RINNGS is the London-based duo of Karl Zine and Nai Jannson, who started releasing music last year. Through their handful of singles released to this point, they've already managed to cultivate a reputation as creators of expressive and enlivening electronic pop music. They're planning to release their debut EP in May, and today we bring you the latest track to be unveiled from it, 'Confession'.

The track takes us right into a highly tense human situation where someone is fully opening up and expressing their true feelings and desires about the other person for the first time. This 'Confession' moment is one known to all of us as one full of so many contrasting and confusing feelings; physical, chemical and emotional. RINNGS have translated this mesh of contrasting instincts into a complex web of colours and sounds on 'Confession'; synths drive like your heartbeat in your eardrums, you start to panic a bit internally, you might even break out a little sweat. The expert way they have layered and produced their sumptuous and three dimensional sounds brings all of these bodily elements to life. There is a similarity to Dirty Projectors' electropop experiments, and Karl's voice even sounds a bit like Dave Longstreth. It's testament to RINNGS' innate abilities with songwriting and production that with only half a dozen songs to their names they can produce the same level of empathy in their songs as a long-standing act as that. Even more impressive is that, by the end of 'Confession', you feel as though they've gone beyond that and taken you into a truly personal, living, breathing, pulsating moment through their music.

Speaking about the track Karl and Nai said “For this tune we wanted to capture the nervous excitement of telling someone how you feel about them for the first time. That moment of intense connection. The intention of the arrangement is to represent the different sensations of confessing your obsession - the way time seems to slow down, the hyper-awareness of all your senses, the intense focus, the feelings of different chemicals rushing through your body, the light-headedness. And we wanted to do a tune you could slow-dance to of course...”

Listen to 'Confession' below.

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