Well, I think we all kind of saw this one coming. Around the first of the year, word hit the internet that a new cryptocurrency called Coinye West, based on Kanye West, was going to be created. Of course word got to Kanye West and his camp, and he wasn't pleased about it, so he sent them a a cease-and-desist letter about a week ago. He then filed documents in New York requesting for a judge to shut down the marketing and sale of the cryptocurrency. However, because no one is sure who the creators of Coinye West are, Kanye has filed against a number of companies who he believes are in cahoots with the currency.

Earlier this afternoon, it seems Kanye finally got his way. The website is completely blank except for a statement saying "Coinye is dead. You win, Kanye." RIP Coinye West, long live Coinye West. 2014 - 2014.