In news that is probably a shock to absolutely everyone that doesn't have an in-depth understanding of copyright laws, it was apparently illegal to rip CDs for the purpose of making a back up or so that you could put it on your mp3 player of choice. I say was because the copyright laws in the UK have been updated so as to make this process legal. As of June 1st, it will no longer be illegal to rip CDs meant for personal use to your computer.

It's slightly odd that this is happening now. Think about it, when was the last time you bought a CD, never mind ripped one to your computer? In a world where most music is bought via digital downloads or, if buying a physical copy, mostly purchased through vinyl (usually with a handy digital download accompanying it), this shift to allowing format shifting with CDs seems like it's come a little bit too late. Still, it's nice to know that if you ever do buy a CD (or more likely get given one for Christmas by someone who knows you like music but isn't really all up to date on formats), you're not breaking the law if you want to put it on your iPod.

Source: FACT