From Jacksonville to Nashville, indie-pop performer andrews’ touches on crystallized cadences and irrefutable beauty with ‘Lost In The Fire’. The new single follows his other 2018 release, ‘Through The Night’. Singer-songwriter Michael Cronin performs under his moniker andrews’, a project that is inspired by the inspiration from all areas of his homeland’s music scene. With a wealth of sonic currents running through the blissful single, andrews’ is striving to become a major player in the universe of indie-pop.

‘Lost In The Fire’ is a correlation between the heartening sounds of Bon Iver and Geographer, which presents a sonic deepness sprawling from the likes of pop, indie-rock, and electronics. It’s an inspiring effort, one that doesn’t feel hurried in the landscape of the genre. In fact, it moves subtly with unquestionable passion and deeply affecting arrangements. The enrapturing endeavor feels like a sonic daydream moving in the direction of an ethereal setting meant to alleviate the soul. With Cronin’s endearing vocals, soft electronics, and reflective lyricism intertwined, ‘Lost In The Fire’ provides faint reminders of past love and how second chances may be waiting after all.

Speaking about his latest single, the singer added, “The song came from a place of realization that constantly wanting to escape whatever situation that I might be in probably isn’t the best idea and to learn how to really accept your surroundings for what they are at that time.”

Take a listen to “Lost In The Fire’ below:

andrews’ released his debut EP, Opera Pt. 1, in 2017. The Justin Amundred-produced ‘Lost In The Fire’ and previous single, The 1975-esque ‘Through the Night’, will be included on andrews’ forthcoming sophomore EP, Opera Pt. 2, in early 2019. These two albums serve as the first two installments of the solo artist’s anticipated four-part project.