Tinder is great for a lot of things (okay, maybe just a few things) but shockingly, it isn't terribly great for finding good new bands. I can't tell you how many times I've seen groups try and market themselves through the dating app or had guys ask me to "check out their mixtape" after telling them I write, and they're typically not the best. That's where Oakland, California based pop singer FRANKIE comes in. I was introduced to her music (the bubbly 'Breakout') on a Tinder date with her producer, Petros, and had the song on repeat after I went home. Everything about it oozed 'cute pop music' and I craved more, but there wasn't any - until now.

That was quite a few months ago, and since then it looks like they've been hard at work as she's set to release her debut EP DREAMSTATE will be out on 14 April via South by Sea Music, and she'll be making her SXSW debut a month before that as well. You can listen to its lead single 'Problems, Problems' below; her sugary sweet voice and the too-cute hooks are as addictive as your favorite candy, and that's definitely not a problem (problem) at all. With EP credits that include having it mastered at Sterling Sound Studios (Katy Perry, Betty Who, Lupe Fiasco) and Passion Pit collaborator Chris Zane helping out Petros in mixing duties, it looks like she could be on her way to huge things.

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