Toronto based artist RALPH is a charming pop mystery to say the least. The moniker comes from Raffa Weyman, a rising pop star that’s been dancing her way through the juncture of contemporary pop, dance, synth-pop, and alt-R&B for the past couple of years. Lacing the threads of disco and synth-laden origins alongside the deep inspiration from her personal musical idols Sade, Stevie Nicks and Donna Summer, RALPH has shown versatility with all of her releases, including 2017’s self-titled debut EP.

RALPH’s second single of 2018 is the sweltering, summertime heater ‘Girl Next Door’, where she paired up with fellow Toronto soul R&B crooner TOBi. ‘Girl Next Door’’s crystalized arrangements and R&B-laden undertones allowed RALPH to show her increasingly multifaceted side as an artist not stuck in one direction. While the single dropped in late May, new age/ambient artist/producer Govi has put his fingers on the release by remixing the summer grade-A banger. With his unique style, he adds a propulsive beat that lifts the song to new heights especially for the dance floor. The initially released single was inspired by RALPH's own musical upswing, and reflects the trials and tribulations rising artists frequently face in remaining grounded.


With Govi’s alterations, RALPH shared her excitement for this by saying: “GOVI is this super cool, up & coming producer from Toronto, he released a track with Tylor Jay Santos not too long ago called WYDWM which I absolutely love. Was really excited to see what his take on the track would be."

RALPH’s previous released single this year was the colorful and polished, ‘September Fades’. She can be seen next live at Festivoix Festival in Canada on July 5 and Elora Riverfest also in Canada on August 18.