London-based singer/songwriter Johnson Orchid channels old school funk with his new single 'I Wanna Love', which just happens to be his first offering for the year. It precedes his forthcoming EP, which looks set to be released this summer.

The track - which features perhaps one of the UK's best and criminally underrated rappers Mr Bigz - dances between solid R&B and well-primed pop sensibilities, while Orchid's lyrical and vocal talents play balance to the equally strong production. "I wanted to create a record exploring how love gives us the freedom to accept each other's imperfections and insecurities," said Orchid. "Sometimes I forget that we all come into relationships and situations with tattoos of the past that we're all trying to cover up. 'I Wanna Love' is about me being less judgemental, and being more open to loving people for who they are."

Orchid's EP - which is set to feature collaborations with the likes of Mikey SOS and P2J - is due this summer.