Nothing is as intoxicating as the prospect of the future. Knox White and Nikki Segal came together on a new single to describe the broad but limitless possibilities of a night spent on the town, meeting people and forgetting reality. Ahead of White’s new EP due out this July, listen to his brand new cut, 'The Morning', below.

Deep synths and grinding guitars provide a foundation for Knox White’s dark pop aesthetic. “The Morning” would have fit well on the soundtrack for the 2011 neo-noir, Drive. Not only does it reference reckless romance, it swells under cover of darkness, waiting not-so-patiently for the sun to rise and for their adventure to draw to a close. As White explains of the track, late-night parties may lead to some poor decision-making, but that doesn’t define the experience:

“‘The Morning’ is inspired by those late nights, when you end up at some random warehouse party downtown doing god knows what with god knows who. At some point you lose your friends and meet a girl and end up losing time together. You’re so in the moment you don’t realize it’s almost 6am, then all of a sudden all the lights come on and the people disperse. Then you’re on your own while the sun is coming up and you just lay in your bed alone, wide awake, feeling like shit about yourself. But at least you had a good night.”