Riton has been slowly releasing tracks from his new 'Can't Stop the Clock' mixtape, and the latest is the groovy, club-ready 'That Somebody'. The track features a sample of Aaliyah's 'Are You That Somebody', morphed into an eminently danceable jam.

The twelve-track 'Can't Stop the Clock' mix features new material built around some of Riton's favourite tracks, creating what he calls a 'reverse mixtape' where he builds instrumentals around other artists' vocals. He says of the collection: "Anyone who's been listening to a lot of these Hip-Hop/Urban mix-tapes over the past few years will have noticed that, more often than not, they are better than the actual artist LPs. When you start a project that you know you can't sell you are empowered by musical freedom. It becomes a non-commercial work of love, because you have nobody to satisfy other than yourself. I essentially wanted to make a bunch of songs I would play out in the clubs and got to pick the vocals I loved or just thought I could have some fun with."

Listen to 'That Somebody' below, and listen to the mixtape here.

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