Ryan Lee West, aka Rival Consoles, is set for a bold statement on his upcoming album Persona, which he says is "a continuation on the self through electronic sounds." The first song to be previewed from it was the opening track 'Unfolding', which we named Track Of The Day, and today he has let loose 'Untravel', along with an engrossing video.

'Untravel' does away with the thumping techno rhythms of 'Unfolding', instead presenting a sweeping ambient electronic soundscape, which subtly draws you into its gravity with pendulous synths pawing at your psyche, yearning for your attention. The video, created by Misha Shyukin, takes these textures and creates a visual world out of them. She says of its creation:

"The Untravel video was greatly inspired by the music itself and Ryan's idea behind it. We were exploring ways of visualising the feeling of being lost and ennui, experimenting with various techniques of distorting the footage in order to intensify the experience of a disoriented feeling in a strange and unknown landscape, yet maintaining a constant forward motion while examining the desolate world."

Watch and listen to 'Untravel' below.

Rival Consoles' Persona comes out through Erased Tapes on April 13th. Pre-order it here. He will also be performing live at XOYO the night before to celebrate the album's release - tickets here.