Lately a day doesn't go by in which a fairly unknown rapper releases a free mixtape on the internet that features a few other fairly unknown rappers, a few people you probably haven't heard of, and a few people you have heard of, too. Ro Ransom is the rapper in question today, and Ransomnia is his mixtape.

It's a generous 17-track affair with a huge roster of guests that include araabMUZIK, Casey Veggies, Trae the Truth, Chuck Inglish and Xaphoon Jones (who has possibly my favourite rapper name of all time).

Pigeons and Planes has a lot of nice things to say about Ro that's encouraged me to download this tape anyway. "It doesn’t hurt that the young emcee is already developing one of the most important traits for longevity in rap: the ability to choose good beats that also complement him well."

Sounds good to me. Does it sound good to you? Why don't you find out by downloading the tape right here. Go on, treat yourself.