Anyone who's never dreamed of having their own personal Robot Butler has to be dead inside. Just imagine having your every whim catered to by an autonomous droid that'll not only scare the hell out of the cat, but looks like it just stepped out of a sci-fi film (one with friendly robots - not those shooty/stabby robots from the future). You could be just like Pauly from the Rocky films. Or someone more pleasant to be around.

Well, the folks over at Cornell University haven't just created a robot butler, they've created a machine that can predict your daily routine and pre-emptively assist you in day to day tasks. Using a Kinect sensor, the robot records your every move then accesses a video database of 120 daily activities to predict the task you're most likely to need help with. Pretty impressive.

What's slightly concerning is that the code used to power the robot's predictive prowess is available under an open source license. Now, we're not ones to scaremonger, but OH MY GOD SOMEONE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO USE THIS TO MAKE THE PERFECT DEATH MACHINE!