Lucas Patrick Smith, better known by his synth project moniker Robots With Rayguns, has long been releasing atmospheric slices of electronic gold, capable of transporting listeners to different eras and emotions with remarkable ease. But with the release of 'Memories,' the first single from the upcoming LP Slow Jams, it is clear that Robots With Rayguns best stuff may still be yet to come.

Featuring New York-based musician Carl Gershon, 'Memories' is a shimmering downtempo number. Playing out like a contemplative drive down the coast at dusk (in a Ferrari Testarossa, I'd have to imagine), the track bubbles with evocative synths and heartbreak. Life has rarely sounded so sexy and so bittersweet at the same time.

You can pre-order Slow Jams here, and you can check out 'Memories' below.