Last year, when Robyn teamed up with Sweden's KTH Royal Institute of Technology to present a technology festival for girls, it was only supposed to be a one time thing. But after its success, Tekla festival will return on April 2016, offering girls between 11 and 18 years a chance to spend a full day discovering and experimenting with different kinds of technology and be introduced to female role models in a variety of fields. This year’s festival is expanding to host 400 girls — twice as many as last year, due to overwhelming demand.

"We need to be persistent in efforts to reduce the gender imbalance," says KTH President Peter Gudmundson. "It's not enough to have a one-time event, so it is both exciting and important that we can hold Tekla Festival again this year."

Robyn says that while there are no quick fixes, "getting girls to be comfortable in technology" is essential if women are to have an equal stake in influencing our increasingly technological society. "Technology plays a huge part in how our society is developing right now, and it's obvious that technology will be shaped by those who want to be involved with it. But this is a long process."