London-based R&B-meets-dreampop artist Kate Miller aka ROCH has been on our radar for a couple of years now, but she's coming back bigger and bolder in 2019. This started with 'Blackbird' earlier in the year and is followed up this week by the thought-provoking 'All Time Favourite Girl'.

Across beautifully attuned washes of synth and guitar, ROCH's breathy vocals search for meaning and understanding in this complex world. She humbly praises the women she sees and meets in her daly life, feeling connected to them: "When I sit and listen to you/ I know exactly what you mean.” She wants to draw strength from the examples they set: “I wish I could say it myself/ We’d be a team/ My mind is warped/ And yours is full of hope and good things.” The emotions of the track are high, but are delivered in beautiful tones, ROCH treating her voice with many filters, giving us a glimpse of her distracted and varied thoughts, pulling us in even closer to see the true picture.

'All Time Favourite Girl' also comes with a very strange animated video by YONK Studios, which you can watch below.

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