London-based producer and alt-pop artist ROCH recently re-emerged with the glistening 'All Time Favourite Girl', and follows it up today with another pearl of a track 'I Love To You'. The song takes inspiration from feminist writer Luce Irigiray, who wanted to re-examine the phrase "I love you." Taking this as the jumping off point, ROCH then delved further into language, she says:

"I am interested in relationships, and what language we use to portray the everyday... Sometimes you need to reinvent language to capture the essence of the relationship."

These ideas manifest themselves in 'I Love To You' as an ambitious and expansive synth-pop track that oozes confidence and sexuality. ROCH's vocals are breathy but distinct amidst this smoky atmosphere, luring us into the track, which gradually becomes more and more intense. It's as though we're getting closer to ROCH as the track progresses, and she's opening up more facets of her mind, which come out in unexpected and intriguing sounds - all of which beg to be deciphered by repeat listens.

ROCH has a free headline gig at London's Sebright Arms on September 23rd. Get your name on the list for that by heading here.

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