Rocket Zombies - Interview

This week on Unsigned & Unplugged - Gratefully Un-dead acoustic duo, Rocket Zombies is the beautifully brain dead child of Becca Jeffries & Joe Eason. The live and kicking High Wycombe outfit sat down to talk with The 405 about what's on their iPods, being on MySpace, their first album and their latest single, in their first ever interview. Check it Out! Special thanks to Becca and Joe for the interview. How did you come about forming the band? Becca: Joe sort of pursued me after he heard me sing and lied to me about his amazing musical ability and got me to form a band, and by the time i realised I'd been had, I was too deep into it to back out. How did you come up with the name "Rocket Zombies"? Joe: Rocket was Becca's myspace name and we thought we'd try and rip off the Rocket Summer as much as we could. Nah not really, though we do get accused of it. And we just thought Zombies are cool right? Who or What influences/inspires your lyrics/music? Joe: Probably our friends, and even people that piss us off maybe? And obviously anyone you're in love with, you can't help but write about it really. Also now we try to make our music more complex with each new song, and we really do borrow from what we're listening to at that time, especially lyrically wise, which I think is good cause it can be hard to get variety into your lyrics sometimes. Who have you been listening to on your iPods recently? Becca: The Corrs after I covered one of their songs at this pub gig we did a few weeks ago and alot of Paramore's acoustic stuff. Joe: I recently fell in love with Sufjan Stevens, and also I'm listening to Arcade Fire when i go running. They're nice and motivitional. Whats the key to never getting bored of what you do? Becca: Don't do it if you don't feel like it. Only write when the mood takes you, otherwise it can be like getting blood from lemon. Joe: Yeah don't it if you're getting bored; go watch a disney film. Do you think its easy for young people like yourself to get exposure, with the likes of Myspace providing unsigned talent with a platform for to launch their music? Joe: It's still really hard i think to get noticed, I mean our friends listen to our music and the occasional person who comes across our myspace and likes what they hear. We play pubs and so in a way that's exposure, but it's not nearly the sort of size of exposure I think you really need to get somewhere worthwhile, myspace helps obviously in terms of being able to put our music up for anyone to listen, but you still have to work hard. Which is I guess part of the experiance. Where do you see yourselves 4 years from now, in regards to your work? Becca: In a dirty little flat in North London. Joe: Putting endless CDs in to cases. If you could describe your music in one word what would that word be? MUSIC! is the best we could come up with. How long have you been together(as a band)? Just over a year. Are you currently working on anything at the moment that you would like to talk about or any plans for the band? Joe: We've got about three weeks until our first ablum Dear Fortune Teller is finished and we can start making money from it ha. Becca: And over summer we're going to a few places with equipment we're buying in the next few weeks to record our second album, which we're really excited about. Be sure to check out Rocket Zombies and their new single "Through The Looking Glass" here!