Rockstar are preparing all of their toys and are getting ready to throw them out of the pram as it has emerged that they are extremely upset that Grand Theft Auto 5 was shipped out early, and they're determined to find out why (we’re looking at you Amazon IE). Who knows what this could lead to or if Amazon really care that they are being investigated.

I got in touch with an Amazon chat representative who declined to give any statement but instead asked me to have a good day and to order with Amazon again.

The only problem we really need to worry about is that kids as young as 10 are getting the game delivered, a fact proven by an internet video that is going round. This video may be real, or it might be staged, but either way, that kid will still own you at Call of Duty.

Grand Theft Auto should be released worldwide tonight (Tuesday 17th 00:01 if Rockstar have their way).

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