The venue looks as much like a living room with a stage, than it does a proper show venue- something no doubt helped by the interesting choice of wallpaper, but in a way thats nice. Theres only between 50 and 100 people here, and we are all packed together like sardines at times, especially so when the first support band has to find room for five, (yes 5) drumkits. Thats half the fun of the upcoming band, Canaveral as well. It sort of harks back to the late 70s and early 80s in the UK, where bands were unafraid to just do what they wanted, and have a bit of fun. 'Theres 5 of us who own a drumkit? There is 5 of us who can drum even a tiny amount? One of us plays saxaphone? Lets form a band!' This kind of experimentation, and just doing stuff because you can should always be welcomed. They create quite a racket too, and the experience of seeing five drummers pounding ferociously at the skins of their drums, and making noise in anyways they can, is quite something. Whilst it means the music is somehwat limited to tribal drum sounding rhythms, the saxaphone adds a proggy twist, and the use of plenty of feedback leaves a distinct essence of bands like Sonic Youth. Its not particularly amazing, but makes for an interesting, largely improvised 20 minutes, and makes a change. It also looks like a lot of fun. 'Give us 5 minutes, and then we will blow your mind'. Statements such as these regardless of context and ignoring the fact that they were clearly said in jest, should never really be said unless you can back them up. Throats, the Midlands based hardcore 5 piece, definitely can. Hitting the stage like a knife to the jugular, they produce a rhytmically pounding, relentless set, which sweeps you away with them. In place of any sense of melody Throats have chugging, heavy basslines. I had seen these a while back, and thought they were fucking tight then, but they're even more so now. The singer spends 3/4 of the set face down on the venue floor, screaming into the microphone, whilst the band behind him create a powerful, textured, fast and tumultuos tapestry of noise, hitting you like a bucket full of acid. Most of the songs played here in their half hour length set can be found on their recent split EP, with Norwich based Maths, out on Rolo Tomassis former label, Holy Roar. This is a loud, intense set and is very impressive. Distinctly more agreesive and confrontational than Tomassi's music, the ferocity of this set means they have their work cut out following them. Rolo Tomassi rise to the challenge laid out however, and prove why they are probably the best young band in the UK today. Touring their new album 'Hysterics' which has been out just over a week now via Hassle, they feature a mix of songs from this, and from their EP, released on Holy Roar. On the evidence of the show tonight, the new stuff features a bit more meandering, and Eva actually sings on a couple of songs, in a way it works as a welcome interlude between the hyperactive, frenetic sound that makes Rolo Tomassi so exciting. As usual, energy exudes from the bound, with all of the band (minus drummer) jumping about the stage, reflecting the spazzy sound they produce. Despite still seeming really nervous onstage before and inbetween songs and retaining a likeable sense of modesty, when in full flight Rolo Tomassi transform from a group of slightly geeky young kids, into a complete monster of noise, encompassing the entire room, with their brand of, not sounding quite like anything else around surrealism. Its great to watch the passion they put into each performance, it gives everyone watching an adrenaline rush, and when the riffs kick in its hard not to get really excited. To put it simply, theyre really, really good, a glorious amalgamation of, what seems like, 100's of noises all at once. This set just serves to underline why the hype for 'Hysterics' was so exciting among those that love the band, and shows that Rolo Tomassi have more than enough to back it up. Oh, and they covered a Trencher song! Nothing quite beats seeing two truly great young bands putting in great performances at a show, as tonight just serves to prove. Canaveral- 6/10 Throats- 8.5/10 Rolo Tomassi- 8.5/10