Victor Ponta, the prime minister of Romania, has resigned following a fire at a metal concert which caused the deaths of at least 32 people, The New York Times reports.

The fire began when Romanian band Goodbye to Gravity were celebrating the release of their new album at Bucharest venue, Collectiv; pyrotechnics onstage set flammable foam insulation ablaze. This led to 20,000-strong protest against lax safety supervision in public venues in the Romanian capital last night.

"I have the obligation to acknowledge that there is legitimate anger in society," said Ponta in a statement. "People feel the need for more, and it would be wrong of me to ignore this."

He added: "I am ready to be the one to make this gesture that parts of society are waiting for, and starting today, I am resigning my mandate as prime minister. I do this because in my years as a politician I put up a fight in any battle with political opponents. However, I won’t put up a fight against the people."

Ponta had already been indicted in July of this year for "forgery, money laundering, and being an accessory to tax evasion," accusations which date back to 2007-2008 during his time as a lawyer.