Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune has launched a free app, simply called Rome Fortune. It allows users to chat directly with Fortune, download his songs, purchase his merchandise, watch his videos, play around with his blue beard. A hub of activity for Rome Fortune fans. You can download it from iTunes if you like.

At round about the same time he dropped a new track, produced by Four Tet (the two have worked together before, on 'Lights Low' for instance). Whilst the production is interesting – with explosive kicks and knife-edge hi-hats in an old-school swathe of rumbling boom-bap, and rapid-fire arpeggiated synth (kind of like the intro to The Who's 'Baby O'Riley' with occasional ambient organ hits in a cosmic-flavoured watercolour wash – the rap is not as much so. The tone and rhythm certainly suit the more old-school hip-hop vibe here, with the same sort of playground-song rhythm going on, but a bit more stumbling and clunky.

Lyrically? There's a few decent lines in here, but honestly much of it falls flat. The message is a positive one, however, and really is contained only in the speech-like hook: "See and be the leaders". It'll take more than a blue beard to convince me of any true, actual wisdom here.