Last week Ron Gallo put out 'Always Elsewhere', the second single from his forthcoming album Stardust Birthday Party, which comes out on 5th October. Today he follows it up with a new song and video called 'Do You Love Your Company?', and as ever, the young man has plenty to say about the ideas behind it:

"This is a song of brutal self-inquiry. The process of going into yourself and being completely honest. If someone finds they are answering “no” to a lot of the questions in the song, it might be good to figure out what that means. I think a lot of people struggle with being truly alone, or fear silence, I know I did for most of my life but now for me, being alone, being quiet, going inward and fearlessly looking at the parts of myself I’d been avoiding is the most important process I’ve ever gone through to heal and better understand and truly know myself."

He makes it sound a lot more serious than it is; undoubtedly the question is one worth pondering, but the 2-minute track is a blast of characterful quips and jaunty chords. If you haven't yet begun to love Ron Gallo, then 'Do You Love Your Company?' should be the one that tips you over the edge. On top of that, the video for 'Do You Love Your Company?' is a direct sequel to the 'Always Elsewhere' video (which is here if you missed it).

Ron Gallo's new album Stardust Birthday Party comes out October 5th.