Your show last night at XOYO was your first show in London since the Pickle Factory last December. How did it feel to be back and playing your new album to a sell-out crowd?

It felt amazing as it was the first show back since the album came out. People knew the lyrics and were singing along which felt crazy for us after three years of touring without an album.

This week marks the end of your mammoth 50-date US and European tour. How do you plan on spending the Christmas break?

I will probably take a week off with as much sleep as possible! After that, I'm heading back to the studio to work on new material. I've really missed it on the road.

What has been your favourite show on the tour and why?

Last night in Berlin was crazy. And XOYO was also great! After lots of smaller club shows over the years, It feels so good to be playing bigger venues in these cities right now.

What tour essentials could you not live without?

Fresh ginger and my noise cancelling headphones.

You recently released a video for your latest single 'Belong.' It has a strong '80s vibe. Tell us more.

I wanted it to be connected to the aesthetics of the album artwork by bringing the photo shoot of the cover to life. The vibe also really fits the track - it's probably the most '80s inspired song on the album.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

I hope new music at some point! It's been a long time since I worked in the studio so I'm feeling really motivated to start writing new music right now.

Your label Greco-Roman turns 10 next year. Are there any exciting plans in the works you can share?

Nothing specific to share yet but they are planning some anniversary parties around the world, some of which I may be playing!

You can listen to more music from Roosevelt by heading here.