In 1999 I was about 7 years old and about to kick off a Pokemon addiction that would last a lifetime. For Rory Wynne, however - that's the year he was born in Stockport, Manchester. Now at the tender age of 15 (an age which saw me still obsessed with Pokemon and a love for emo music) he's proven that he's probably way cooler than any of us were when we were that young by streaming his new song 'I Know She Knows'.

He was brought up on a strong diet of rock and roll with a hint of folk and Irish music for flavour, and 'I Know She Knows' showcases that in spades with its simple yet affecting piano line and his confident, gritty voice that quite frankly doesn't sound like it's coming from a 15 year old kid. If the lyrics sound a bit childish to you, there's a pretty strong reason for that as he explains in a statement - "'I know she knows' was me writing from the perspective of a character looking back on life. I wrote it when I was 11 hence the 'childish' lyrics." I know I wasn't nearly this cool when I was 15, and you probably weren't either, so go on and stream 'I Know She Knows' below. The song is out today on iTunes!

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