Rosemary Fairweather put together a few songs in recent months that had us foaming at the mouth for a taste of her LP, Heavenly — A Collection of Songs. It turns out the wait was worth it, as the album's best track was stowed away until the record's recent Nov. 4 release

'Good News' is about as funky as it gets, with a four-on-the-floor beat, pitch-perfect guitar flourishes and the type of synths that make indie kids want to dance awkwardly at a dimly lit party on a Saturday night. But beyond the stellar instrumentation is Fairbanks' ethereal voice, which alternately coos and soars as she delivers the lyrics. Acting as her own backup vocalist, it is hard not to get the chills when she lets her pipe fly.

Check out 'Good News' below and don't sleep on Rosemary Fairweather.