Rosie Carney returns with another example of her devastating songwriting in ‘Bare’. After experiencing tremulous teenage years including a major label deal and global travel, Rosie was left grappling with her own health whilst trying to circumnavigate both her formative years and a major commercial system. These tensions and frustrations have fed into her new music, now being released through Akira Records, and have informed Rosie’s confessional, heartbreak style.

On ‘Bare’ she once more adopts an autobiographical stance to her songwriting, exorcising her past pains through sharing them in song. Speaking of the writing process, Rosie states: "Bare was one of those songs that took me about 20 minutes to write. It felt like the song was already written, and all I had to do was play it aloud. It stems from the feelings of solitude and isolation you experience after going through something negatively impacting. I tried to write the song in stages of that experience, the first verse being the most raw and vulnerable, and the last, letting go. I don't necessarily think solitude is a negative thing, but actually very positive. It allows us to get to know ourselves better within each situation. I tried to capture that strength in this song.”

Her ability to channel emotion and experience into these clearly personable tracks is admirable for a person of her age, and ‘Bare’ is a standout in her short discography. She uses silence and her own affecting vocal to further heighten the sense of poignant emotions without ever appearing contrived or forced. Rosie’s writing style is already rich with experience and is only going to become richer and more affecting with time.