Just about a month out from the release of the their new LP, the Rotterdam rock group Iguana Death Cult is sharing its new single, 'Tuesday's Lament,' a throwback sort of track that evokes the very best of legendary bands like The Clash.

'Tuesday's Lament' showcases a vintage sound that would fit in seamlessly on a playlist of late '70s rock, with its jaunty guitar and sunshine melody. But the song's optimism is not mindless -- rather, it is about the search for meaning when you feel disconnected from spirituality.

"We turn to materialism, gambling, sports, drugs, social media and waving flags, but once you realize that’s all just short-term happiness, it’s hard to stay positive when you look around in the world today," says singer/guitarist Jeroen Reek. "That, combined with the fear of death, makes me yearn for a life more profound and I just hope there’s more to it."

You can stream Iguana Death Cult's 'Tuesday's Lament' up above. The group's new LP, Nude Casino, is due out Oct. 25 via Innovative Leisure. You can pre-order the record here.