With it being 2012 and all, I thought Iʼd pass over the usual white kids with guitars albums and opt for something with more variety to review: Rough Trade Shops- Electronic 11.

Album opener Rene Hellʼs ʻOxford Meter Endʼ is confusing. Not like "is that a man or a woman confusing," just simply ʻwhy is this aliveʼ type of confusing. A sign of things to come. The second track, Nicolas Jaarʼs ʻSpace Is Only Noise If You Can Seeʼ, is utter brilliance, as the minimalism and creepiness of the track keeps you hooked through out. However, this stops with the following Flying Lotus song which is just utter nonsense. Think Thom Yorke couldnʼt get any weirder? Think again, he features in it.

More of the following tracks seem to follow this noise like pattern with their use of random throat singing or just lack of structure. I imagine Anne-James Chatonʼs ʻPop Is Deadʼ is what Bjorkʼs farts are like: Bat-shit mental, ultra-modern and 15 seconds long. Spirits pick up briefly in the middle of the album with Death Gripsʼ ʻGuillotineʼ: a vicious and intense experience that could almost chop your ears off. But as the track finishes and the next one begins, the painful instrumentals relentlessly carry on.

The only way this album could be described as avant-garde would be if the French changed the meaning to bollocks, as the self indulgent nature present here over powers its overall minimalistic weirdness. The objective goal seemed to be ʻletʼs make something really out thereʼ, which if fine. The problem is it got so out there that they seemed to have lost clarity of the piece.

Not an awful album at all, as there are some saving graces. But if you throw a bit of excrement on a chocolate cake youʼre going to taste the shit most of all, not the icing.

Disclaimer: please do not listen to this on anything else other than alcohol, because you will be sectioned if you combine this with any illegal substances.